Amazon Buys Twitch

Report: Google has bought Twitch for $1 Billion

Venture Beat had earlier reported about Google considering the possibility of acquiring Twitch, a Live-Streaming Service. Venture Beat is now back with another report, this time claiming that Google has made a move and was successful, getting hold of Twitch for a cool Billion.

Twitch is a popular live-streaming service that had hosted the incredibly popular (and fun) Pokemon Multiplayer, said to be the largest to date, with hundreds of thousands of people mashing in commands in utter chaos.

While YouTube does offer an option for streaming Live, it was late to the party and so its “Live” Feature hasn’t caught on all that much. However Twitch is the de facto option currently for Live-Streaming Games, which may be one of the reasons why Google bought Twitch. Google’s Motto seems to be similar to Facebook: “If you can’t beat it, then buy it”.

The exact Price or the date when this deal (If it exists) would be announced are not yet known.


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