How to Delocalize your Work and Move to the Cloud

You probably have a bunch of Software on your Computer: A Word Processor, Spreadsheet Software, A Photo Editor, etc. Each of these offers different purposes, and they exist on your computer. They depend on your Computer, and if your Hardware is old, your Software feels slow. And if your Hard Drive gets corrupted, your Data too goes poof.

But then there is the Cloud. We had earlier discussed about the Cloud and about the advantages it offers, but the short story is that instead of having Data on your Computer, the Data is stored on an external Server. All the Processing is done by the Server, all the upgrades happen at the Server Side.

You? All you must have is a device with access to a Stable Internet Connection. Hardware Power, Software, Storage, nothing matter. All you need is an Internet Connection.

Maintainance of the Hardware and the Software is done by their owners, so you can just relax. And since processing is done on the Server side, you don’t have to worry about annoying lags, freezes, etc.

In this article, we look at replacements for standard Desktop Software. Some are complete replacements, while others, while not being full-featured, are enough for most needs.

Office Suite

Office Suites are an essential part of almost everyone’s workflow, and you all are probably using Microsoft Office on your PCs. Guess what? You have an alternative in the Cloud, and it is pretty packed with Features

Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

When it comes to Cloud Offerings, Google Drive is one of the best. It is a Cloud Storage Service and an online Office Suite merged into one, and it offers lots of features.

You get 15GB Storage from the get go, and if that is not enough, more storage comes cheap. You don’t need to create a separate account: Just key in your Google Account credentials and you are ready to go.

Google Drive Supported Formats

It has all the features you would expect from an Office Suite, and more. It recognizes many major (And several Minor) file formats, and since it is in the cloud, all your work is synced across all your devices, united by your Google Account. Even if your Computer fails you, your data will still be well in an external servers.

Photo Editing

When you think of Photo Editing, the first thing that comes to your mind is Photoshop. But the fact is, you don’t need that complex software with all its fancy bells and whistles. Think about it, how many of those features do you actually use?

For most people’s needs, Cloud Editors will do the job.


Photo Editor Online

Pixlr is one of the best when it comes to editing Photos Online, and it has a lot of options for manipulating your photos. Sure it would always be less powerful when compared to a mammoth like Photoshop, but then again, it is enough for stuff like Touching Up Photo, which is all that you probably do.

If you are a professional, then it will not replace your main Desktop Software of course, but it will work in a pinch.

Photoshop Express Editor

Photo Editor Online

Adobe too has its own online offering of Photoshop, and it has plenty of power for manipulation. It doesn’t come anywhere near the Desktop Version’s territory, but for basic needs it will definitely satisfy.

Audio Editing

There aren’t as many options for Audio Editing in the C loud, but the options available are pretty good. They do it all: Cutting Audio, Changing Pitch, Merging Audio, Effects, etc.


Audio Editing Online

Soundation is the best in its class when it comes to Audio Editing, with everything you would expect in an Audio Editor. It is jam-packed with features, and then some. It comes in Free and Paid versions, with the Paid Version needed for stuff like Recording Audio.

It has a nice dark interface that is intuitive, so it doesn’t have a huge learning curve. If you want to edit Audio online, Soundation is the way to go.


Cloud Gaming. Yes , Gaming. After a tiring day at work, you got to decompress, and Games are just right for the Job. And some have found out that the Cloud can prove to be an excellent avenue for Gaming. You don’t need to have blazing-fast Hardware. All you need is a Stable Internet Connection with low Latency.


Cloud Gaming

onLive is one of the pioneers of Cloud Gaming. It offers a stable platform for Gaming, and has many optimizations for offering games over the Internet as lag-free as possible. You can play on any device, be it a PC, a Tablet or a Console.

Of course, you still need to have a reasonably fast Internet Connection, with low latency to even have any hope of playing games at a reasonable frame-rate. onLive is working for ways around it, but for now, you still need fast Internet Connectivity.


We have come a long way since the Cloud was first introduced. From simple Storage and Email Services, we have come to a stage when we see complex Applications existing entirely on the Cloud. The expanse of these Cloud Applications and their usefulness is due to the rapid expansion of high-speed Broadband to the masses, enabling the possibility of such applications.

We are not yet at a stage where we can have Desktop-level Prowess on the Cloud, but we are close. Currently we have a stripped down (But perfectly Usable and Enough) version of Desktop Programs, but soon we may have full Applications existing on the Cloud.  Even then we may not see the extinction of Desktop Programs, unless we reach full Internet Connectivity penetration.

If you want alternatives to any other Software, then mention it in the Comments. We would love to hear from you about this article! Don’t forget to Share this article using the below buttons!



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