Amazon Fire Teardown

The Amazon Fire Phone gets a Teardown: It is Expensive to Build

IHS has got its hands on Amazon’s first Smartphone, the Fire Phone. As usual, it has given it the Teardown Treatment, and comes out with some interesting findings. The report will be released in full soon.

The four sensors on the front used for tracking your perspective (For the Dynamic Perspective Feature) are made by Omnivision. The Chip used is of Qualcomm make. Not only the main Chip, but also nine other components are made by Qualcomm.

The Display, unlike that of other smartphones in the market (Which are 1080p, some are even more), is a 720p One. Not a bad one by any means, but just lesser than the marker standard. It costs $27 to make.

The grand-total of all the components is $205, which is probably why the Fire Phone is so expensive. When the Fire Phone was unveiled, it was met with surprise, as Amazon’s devices usually come at lower price-points. Reviewers too found that the Fire Phone lacked in many areas, and said that the Phone did not justify its high price tag.

Moreover, the Fire Phone’s Price Tag puts it in direct competition with established flagships from Apple, Samsung and LG. Will people be willing to look over their usual options and look at a new entrant?




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