Movidius Myriad 2 Smarthpone Camera

Movidius’ new Vision Processor can dramatically Improve your Smartphone Camera

Remember Google Project Tango? That Insane Project that can know everything about its surroundings using a combination of cameras, sensors, processors and clever Software? Project Tango has impressive surrounding-aware capabilities, which are partly due to Movidius’ Vision Processors.

Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processor

Movidius now has unveiled an improved version of the Vision Processors in Project Tango, and they can dramatically improve how your Smartphone looks at its surroundings.  It is called the Myriad Vision Processor 2, and it provides many groundbreaking features that were not possible before. It also improves the Power Efficiency dramatically, which is important as Power was a real-hindrance (20X more Battery Efficiency).

With 12 Cores, this Vision Processor can process signals from 6HD Cameras, giving it a total processing capability of 600 Megapixels.

This means faster Auto-Focus, and also means that your Smartphone can combine inputs from multiple sensors and Cameras quicker than ever before, meaning new avenues for Smartphone Photography.

And all this comes above Project Tango’s original capabilities, which are impressive themselves: Create Stunning Panoramas, Create a 3D-Map of the Surroundings, improved Light Sensitivity, and better Zoom.

It is not only a Vision Processor. It can also act as a Standalone Processor. Movidius has released the Myriad Development Kit for Developers to leverage the use of the new Vision Processors.

The Myriad 2 does not require special hardware, and is compatible with almost all devices. We may see the Myriad 2 appearing in Devices in 2015, but it is not confirmed.

The Myriad 2 certainly seems to be an interesting concept. It joins the latest in a series of revolutions to Smartphone Cameras, which also includes Dual-Cameras, among others. These Capabilities may open new doors and new avenues for exploration. We are excited to see what the Future holds.


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