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Android set new Record: Now on 85% of All Smartphones shipped in Q2

Android has steadily increased its market share to 85% of the 300 Million Smartphones shipped in Q2, according to a report by Strategy Analytics.

Global Smartphone Shipments Q2 2014

While Android gobbled up more Market Share, the other competitors (iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry) lost some Market Share due to Android’s dominance.

Android’s Market Share continues to grow despite the slowdown in Smartphone Sales (27% Growth vs 45% Growth). Our guess is that the Increased Market Share comes from developing countries, where the growth hasn’t slowed down. In these countries, Cheap Devices are popular, and Android runs on a lot of cheap devices.

According to the Report, Smartphone Sales have slowed down in countries like North America, and are booming in Asia and North Africa, where the Smartphone Revolution still hasn’t hit full-gas.

The prime reason of Android’s success is probably the Variety. Since Android is Open, any device manufacturer could (theoretically) install Android on their devices. Due to this, there are billions of Android Devices, and there is something for everyone: Big, Small, Pricey, Cheap, etc.

Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers

Samsung’s Shipments have slowed down. Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi has joined the list of the Top 5 Device Manufacturers, overtaking LG. The Top 5 includes: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi and LG.

Of course, all this Market Share comes at a cost. According to a Report by Forbes, European Regulators are going to investigate Android’s Dominance, and they want to find out whether Google is using Android’s large Market Share to promote its own Services.

Android is showing no signs of slowing down, and is rapidly expanding to Developing Countries after estabilishing its dominance on the Western Side of the world. What are your thoughts?




4 thoughts on “Android set new Record: Now on 85% of All Smartphones shipped in Q2”

  1. The thing I don’t get. Is at least in Canada…is there is a lot of iPhones. Lots of people now have Android phones but know them simply as “Samsung” or “HTC”.


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