Oculus Rift Teardown iFixit

The Oculus Rift DK2 Gets a Teardown: A Galaxy Note is Hidden Inside

Oculus recently had started shipping the last Development Kit for the Oculus Rift (DK2), which meant that the next Oculus Rift would be a Consumer Version.

iFixit got its hands on the new Kit, and as usual has torn it down to bits, to answer your questions about what is inside this Virtual Reality Headset.

Image #1

The first thing that stood out, is that the Oculus Rift uses the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Screen, Logo, et al. Yes, Oculus literally tore off the front of the Note 3 and slapped in on the Development Kit. You would even find the holes for the Speaker in there.

The Display is an overclocked Note 3 Display, with a refresh rate of 75Hz (As opposed to the Note 3’s 60Hz). High Refresh Rates are vital in activities such as Gaming.

The Oculus Rift is given a high repairability score, with a 9/10. Some part of that Score is due to the fact that the DK2 uses conventional screws instead of rare ones.

Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 Comparison

The Innards of the Oculus Rift are now crammed on to one Motherboard, as opposed to before, making the whole setup less bulky (No more Control Box).

Image #1

On the outside, there is also an array of Infrared Spots, which are invisible to you, but light up on an Infrared Camera. The Spots are used for tracking, and are invisible to you, but light up on an Infrared Camera.

It is interesting to see Oculus using Samsung’s Displays instead of the ones from Innolux, which were used on the Original Oculus Rift. What do you think of the Note 3 hidden inside the Oculus Rift? We would love to head your thoughts.


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