HP Smartwatch Gilt Images

HP is making a Smartwatch, and it looks Gosh-Darn-Good!

The problems with most Smartwatches right now (Excepting the Moto 360, of course) is the Design. Their looks just aren’t that refined and look like something a dork would wear. Watches are supposed to look good, and people are not ready to accept a Smartwatch, no matter how fancy it is, if it doesn’t look good.

Watches are a Fashion Statement, and manufacturers are starting to realize that. The Pebble Steel came first, the Moto 360 came next, and now comes HP’s Smartwatch.

HP Smartwatch Michael Bastian Images

It looks really good, and that is due to Fashion Designer Michael Bastian partnering with HP and the retailer Gilt to produce this Smartwatch. Michael Bastian gives it the stunning Design, HP gives the Engineering Chops, and Gilt has been given the exclusive right to sell it.

We would also like to mention that excepting the Moto 360, this is the only Smartwatch that actually looks like a Normal Watch, with its Round Watch-Face

It doesn’t run Google’s Android Wear, and it runs a Proprietary OS. That is a deal-breaker for some, but this device puts Fashion First, Function Second.

The OS sends you notifications about your Email and Messages, and also gives you the option to control your Music and view the latest updates (Weather, Sports, etc).

It has a 44mm Stainless Steel  Case and Swappable Bands in colors black rubber, brown leather, olive green nylon and a limited Edition Black. It will launch later this Year, with no more information on Price, Specs, etc.

It is not a Smartwatch with a Good Design. It is an Great Looking watch with some Smart Capabilities tossed in.

What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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