Amazon 3D Printing Store Images

Amazon launches 3D-Printed Store, where you can buy Products customized for you

Amazon is already the biggest online retailer in the World. You can find everything on it. And now, it just got a lot more better, with Amazon launching a 3D Printed Store, where you can buy items that are, well, 3-D Printed.

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Currently, there are 200 Products available for 3-D Printing, and they include Mobile Phone Cases, Jewellery, Electronic Accessories, etc. You can customize stuff like Color, Finish, Size, etc.

Items will be Printed on Demand by Amazon’s Manufacturing Partners. If you want to Add your Product to the Store, you have to Contact Amazon.

Amazon 3D Printing Store Customize

3-D Printing also means that you will be able to customize the Product however you want. The launch of Amazon’s new Store also provides a lot of publicity and a bit of a kick to the field of 3-D Printing, which is growing, but is yet to take off fully.

Till now 3-D Printing was relegated to DIY Enthusiasists, and now 3-D Printing is accessible to everyone. You may not own a 3-D Printer, but you can definitely buy a 3-D Printed Item, thanks to Amazon.


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