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Facebook launches Internet.Org App, that will provide Free Internet Access in Zambia

We’ve heard a lot about Facebook’s plan to bring the next billion Online. Earlier Plans involved Drones and Lasers, so while Facebook’s latest Initiative doesn’t look as cool, it sure is an Innovative One.

Facebook is launching the Internet.Org App, which in a tie-in with Airtel, would provide free Internet Access to people in Zambia. It is currently limited to Airtel Subscribers, and provides access to Health and Employment Services, Google Search, Wikipedia, Facebook (Of Course) and Messenger.

Airtel Subscribers in the Country will receive notifications about the service, and can opt to either freely head into the Website from where they can access the services freely, or download the App (800kb) and then go on from there.

Facebook is planning to extend this service to more countries and more carriers.

Bringing Internet to the Masses is certainly Good, as the Internet is an enabler and it can revolutionize everything we do, for the better. However, the gift of the Internet still hasn’t reached everyone and most of the Online Population exists in Western Countries, while other Countries don’t have wide-spread Internet Adoption, or no Internet Adoption at all.

Facebook is looking to change that, with its non-profit Internet.Org Organization, which is exploring ways to bring Internet to everyone. What do you think about Facebook’s latest Initiative?


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