Raspherry Pi Style Windows Board Images

Microsoft and Intel announce new Raspberry Pi-Style Development Board for Windows

Microsoft and Intel have teamed up with Hardware-Maker CircuitCo to announce a Development Board for Windows: It is called the Sharks Cove .

It is described on the Official Site as a “development board that you can use to develop hardware and drivers for Windows and Android”.

It is just a Board, and is not covered by a Case. Think : A Raspberry Pi, but just Blown Up a bit. It has an Intel Atom Z3735G Quad-CoreĀ 1.33GHz Chipset, which can go to upto 1.83Ghz. Paired with that Processor is 1GB of RAM, 16GB Internal Storage and a Micro-SD Card Slot.

You can see that it is now Powerhouse, and is less powerful than even some budget Computers. But it is meant purely for Development, and not for running Crysis.

It supports a variety of Interfaces, such as: GPIO, I2C, I2S, UART, SDIO, USB, and MIPI. MIPI can be used for interfacing with a Display, or a Camera. A HDMI Connector too is Present, along with only one USB 2.0 Port.

It will cost $300, which is significantly higher than the Raspberry Pi’s $35 Price, so you won’t find it in any DIY Enthusiasts’ Toolkit. Microsoft is bundling in a Windows 8.1 Image into the $300 Price, but the Price of Entry is still high, compared to Competitors (Even Intel’s Minnow Board retails for $99). Do you think the Sharks Cove justifies the $300 Price?



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