Ritot Smartwatch

The Ritot Smartwatch is a Fake and is Technically Impossible

Remember the Ritot Smartwatch? The ambitious IndieGogo Campaign that aimed to transform your Hand into a Screen which we featured a few days ago? Guess what? It is Fake.

It was revealed to us by Dmitry Goncharenko of Secret Layer, who sent us an Email shortly before detailing why the Ritot Smartwatch is impossible to Make, unless Ritot has some super-advanced Tech in-house, which we seriously doubt.

Ritot Smartwatch Fake

Let us start off with the Technicalities. The Ritot Smartwatches uses Pico Projector Technology, and these Projectors cannot Project at the angle that is showcased in the promo-pictures for the Campaign, which has already raised upwards of $650,000.

Ritot Smartwatch Fake

A Pico Projector should be situated at an optimal angle of 90 Degrees from the Surface, for an optimal high-quality Projection, else the Projection will Warp. When you consider this fact, it becomes clear the positions shown in the Promo-Pictures are not Technically Possible, and are actually Fake.

Next, Dmitry doubts that the technology required for making such a Device exists. Let us rephrase a bit: He doubts that the Technology for such an endevour exists in the necessary size.

Let us leave the Size bit for a moment, and look at the Price. Currently, Pico Pico Projectors are an expensive proposition, and it is almost-impossible to have them in a device that costs only $120.

Even if it did exist, the Pico Projectors would not be bright enough to view in Sunlight.

Ritot Smartwatch Founders Fake

Ritot Smartwatch Founders Fake

Then there is the Identity problem. Hit up the names behind the IndieGogo Campaign in Social Networks, and you find nothing. On Google? Nothing. It is like they don’t exist. And they don’t. At least their Names are fake. Because in an earlier version of their Video, one of them was referred to as Ivan, while later on during the Campaign, their names mysteriously changed. The one referred to as Ivan Powan became Michael Medvid.

What is going on? No one knows. From what we know, it all seems like one big scam. We have seen Crowdfunding Fails before. The Game Perdition raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter, and then the Game’s Founder stopped all communication about the Game. As Kickstarter doesn’t handle the responsibility of making people do things, the Game’s Creator got rich without actually making the Game.

People got Scammed. Of course, Ritot may have Contact with Aliens and spit out some Futuristic Outworldly Technology, but isn’t that a bit unlikely? We are not saying Crowdfunding is Bad. It has spawned out many interesting Projects that wee actually brought to life. But there is a Dark side to it. People can raise the Money and run away with it, without fulfilling their Promises. What do you think about the Ritot? Is it too good to be true?



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