Solidoodle Press 3D Printer

Solidoodle announces the Press: An Affordable 3D Printer, that is easy to Use

3D Printing is all the rage right now, with many manufacturers unveiling devices, and the overall prices going down. However, we don’t have many affordable 3D Printers, and even the affordable ones are hard to use.

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Solidoodle aims to fix this Problem, with its latest 3D Printer, which is called the Press. It features several nifty tweaks to make your 3D Printing Experience as seamless and as easy as possible. For example, it does not need calibration of the Printing Bed, which is an annoyance in many 3D Printers.

Its Design is such that it prevents Printing Filaments Jams, which is an annoying problem in 3D Printers (Even Expensive Ones).

It also looks friendly, and looks sort of like a Fridge, hiding away all the intimidating gears and Wires that are very prominently exposed in many 3D Printers.

It will cost $599, and while it is not exactly the cheapest out there, it definitely is more affordable than some other 3D Printers out there. And when you consider its focus on Ease of Use, and the use of several tweaks to make 3D Printing as seamless as possible, it all is worth it.

We have seen 3D Printers costing North of $1000 which don’t offer a seamless 3D Printing Experience, and here we have the Press, which aims to simplify 3D Printing, at almost half their Price. And speaking of 3D Printers costing over $1000, Solidoodle also has announced the Solidoodle Workbench, which, living true to its Name offers a pretty large Printing Area (Objects upto 12 x 12 x 12 Inches).

Solidoodle Workbench

Also, it can print Two Colors at once, due to its Dual-Extruders. And if the Workbench is too expensive for you and the Press is too limiting, then you have the Solidoodle Apprentice, which is the middle of the pack, costing $799. It too can print in two colors at one time. The Workbench and the Apprentice feature transparent Designs, unlike the Press, and are meant for tinkerers.

You can order these 3D Printers now from Solidoodle, and they will start shipping from next Month.




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