Comet 67P from Rosetta Probe Images

After 10 years, the Rosetta Mission bears Fruit: Rosetta Craft arrives at Comet 67P

Today is a great day for Science, as the Rosetta Spacecraft, after 10 years has finally reached its Destination: Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which does not have enough force to keep it in Orbit, requiring the Rosetta Craft to move in a triangular Path.

In a great Voyage in the name of Science, the Rosetta Craft examines the effect of the Comet’s blisteringly close orbit to the Sun on its Icy Makings. This is one of the biggest achievements, and is another landmark in Mankind’s endless Quest.

Rosetta is now the first Probe to rendezvous with a Comet, and it came within 100km of its Destination at 7PM.

To give you an idea of the Scale of this Mission: The Rosetta Craft has travelled 6.4 Billion Kilometres since its launch from Mankind’s humble abode about a Decade ago. Rosetta has to catch up with the Comet, which moved at the speed of 135,000km/h.

As the gravity of the Comet cannot keep the Probe in Orbit, the Rosetta Probe has to move in a Triangular Orbit, getting Closer with every move. The Rosetta now enters the Main Phase of its Mission, that is to Study the surface of the Comet and unlock the secrets it holds.

The Rosetta Planet was launched on March 2, 2004.




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