Yahoo Mail End-To-End Encryption

Yahoo joins Google to offer better Webmail Encryption

In light of the NSA Revelations, Google, Yahoo and other Email Providers have been working towards offering better encryption so that your data is not to be exposed to others.

Google had recently updated Gmail’s Security by offering End-To-End Encryption, and now Yahoo is following its lead too, as it announced at the Black Hat Conference. Yahoo’s implementation is also compatible with Gmail, so your Email will remain secure even if it’s hopping around different Email Providers.

Yahoo is also releasing the Source Code for its Encryption Tech later this year. This will enable the gargantuan open-source community to collectively contribute to the Project by spotting and reporting Bugs and Vulnerabilities.

Yahoo hopes that all Email Providers will adopt this implementation enabling for a truly secure Email Ecosystem. Yahoo says that End-To-End Encryption will be deployed by 2015.



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