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Apple Patent Application hints at Possibility of Siri for Mac

Apple has applied for a new Patent, which suggests how Siri would work on a Mac. Lately we have been seeing a lot of iOS influence in Mac OSX, and vice versa, and it seems that Siri would be the next step.

Apart from standard Siri Commands, it seems that Siri for Mac will also allow for voice-commands substituting actions usually performed by a Keyboard and Mouse.  It will also have support for advanced actions, such as file management, and more.


For example, you may get suitable images for your Document from the Internet without ever leaving the Editor Windows, using your Voice.

There would also be an option for Siri being available everywhere in the OS. You may call for Siri by saying “Hey Siri”.

Siri for Mac will use the same server backend for Siri that Siri for iOS uses, making for a centralized system. This means that new features gained by Siri for iOS will also be available instantly on Siri for Mac (Probably).

We don’t know when Siri will hit Mac. It may be bundled in with OSX Yosemite, which is still under development and is releasing later this year. Or it may make an appearance only next year. Nevertheless, the prospect of having everything controlled at your Voice is futuristic, if Apple can fix Siri’s Speed and Accuracy problems.




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