Nokia 130 $25 Phone

Microsoft launches the Nokia 130: A $25 Phone with Music and Video Capabilities

Microsoft had recently announced that the Nokia X will be discontinued, and  that it will kick back production of Nokia’s Feature Phones.

It seems that Microsoft is not ready to leave the lower end of the Market after all, as it had launched the Nokia 130, which is a $25 (19 Euros) Phone with Music and Video Capabilities.

As mentioned above, it can play Music, and you can watch Videos on its tiny 1.8 Inch Screen. It also has a Flashlight, FM Radio, Dual-SIM Support and, get this, a 36 Hour Battery Life.

For Storage, you can pop in a MicroSD Card (Upto 32GB).

It will launch in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam later this year (Around September). You have a Choice of Red, Black or White.

It is interesting to see that Microsoft is still considering the Feature Phone Market. Microsoft had earlier said that Windows Phone Smartphones will hit lower price points and will replace Feature Phones. The Nokia 130 isn’t Windows Phone, so it seems that we would have to wait more for such Phones.


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