Sony has sold over 10 Million PS4s Till Now

It seems that everything in the Console Wars has been reversed. Last time, the Xbox 360 was Gaming Focused, and sold more units than the PS3, which focused on Media. This time, the PS4 has a Gaming Focus and a Solid Lead, while the Xbox One is left trailing behind with an all encompassing Media Effort.

Although Xbox One Sales have improved since Microsoft unbundled the Xbox One and the Kinect, it probably (As the last Sales Report is a bit old) doesn’t come close to the PS4’s Sales, which Sony revealed had sold over 10 Million PS4s. 10 Million. In 9 Months. If that ain’t impressive, we don’t know what is.

To give you even more context, get this: Sony shipped off over 3 Million PS4s in the last 3 Months alone. The PS4 doesn’t seem to be stopping on its relentless journey, and that could prove to be very deadly for the Xbox One, which didn’t have a great start at all. The PS4 was annihilating it, and it still is..


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