Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Specs

Retailer leaks the Galaxy Note 4’s Specs: It packs a Huge Punch

The Galaxy Note Series kickstarted the Phablet Revolution, and still is a big player in the field, with Phones that just take it up a notch. While the first Note’s 5.3 Inch Screen may have seemed huge then, it is now pretty much the Standard, with most phones starting from 5 Inches, and some going above 6 Inches.

Samsung has scheduled an event on September 3, when it will launch the Galaxy Note 4. Before Samsung gets to unveil it, we are seeing plenty of leaked specifications and Images.

Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images

An Online Store has leaked the specifications of the Note 4, and we must say, it is a Powerhouse. It has got a 64 Bit Octa-Core Configuration, with a Quad-Core Cortex A57 Processor handling the heavy tasks like knife to butter, and a Quad-Core A53 handling the low-demand tasks with finesse, making for a great combination of Performance and Battery Life.

Of course, if you want LTE, you would have to make do with ‘only’ a Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 Chipset clocked at 2.5 Ghz, which alone should be more than enough for your needs.

It will have a massive 4GB RAM (Desktop Territory, but most of us don’t ever go over 2GB) and 16GB/32GB/64GB Internal Storage, expandable to upto 128GB via MicroSD Card.

Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images
Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images

It will maintain the same 5.7 Inch Screen, but now it is QHD (2560*1440), making for a massive improvement (But the matter of whether the improvement can be seen is still out in the open). The Camera will be of 16MP Resolution, and will be capable of shooting 4K Video. It also has OIS (Optical-Image-Stabilization).

On the connectivity front, the Note 4 is packed with everything you would want : Dual-Band WiFi ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and MicroUSB 3.0 with MHL Output.

It will cost 9,499,000 in Indonesian Currency, which equates to about $813.

All in all, the Note 4 is making up to be an incredibly powerful Smartphone, no doubt the most beefy in the Market. The only limiting factor seems to be the Price. We wish that the Price will be lower, but for a device this Beefy, it seems suitable. But almost No One needs that Much Power. But this makes it future-proof.

Developers will adapt to the Increased Power, and will release Apps leveraging them. But on the other hand, we still haven’t seen any Apps fully utilizing the Apple A7’s 64-Bit goodness…



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