Windows 9 "Threshold" Preview

Rumor: Microsoft is going to release Windows 9 “Threshold” as a Preview as Soon as Next Month

It is no secret that Windows 8 was a Disaster: It removed the Start Menu, which was a Comforting Sight to many users since Windows 95. It also introduced many confusing Design Elements which while being convenient on Touch-Screen Devices, were an absolute nightmare for Desktop Users.

Rumor has it that Microsoft will rectify its Mistakes, and will bring the party back over to Desktop Users, with the next Version of Windows, codenamed “Threshold”. It will be an odd change in Microsoft’s usual Development Cycle, by which Microsoft never releases an Update so quickly.

While Windows 8.1 fixed some mistakes, it still didn’t fix the mess that Windows 8 was. Here comes Windows 9, aka “Threshold”, which will reportedly bring back the Start Menu, remove the Charms Bar and generally make the entire OS more Desktop Friendly.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft may have a Preview of Windows 9 ready for everyone as soon as next Month. A Preview is basically the Beta Version of an OS, which while gives a hint as to what will come in the Final Release, also contains several Bugs and may also be missing some features that may be added to the Release Version.

Again, this will be a Public Preview, so it will be available for Everyone to Download. Yes, even you. But when (And if) the Preview Releases, don’t install it on your Main Computer, as it is bound to have several bugs and be generally unstable.

The Consumer Release of Windows 9 is expected to be released around the Spring of 2014. We are eagerly awaiting it, and we hope that it will be enough to fix the mess that Windows 8 created. And we have a feeling it will, as there is a myth that only Alternative Versions of Windows succeed…


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