USB Type-C Reversible Connectors

The Next Gen USB Type-C Connector has been finalized: Going the Reversible Way

Everyday we fumble around with USB Cables, turning them around and around till they fit in. That is all about to change, as the USB Promoter Group has finalized USB Type-C, which finally offers reversible Connectors.

Apple had first started experimenting with Reversible Cables with Lightning, and now finally we are going to get reversible USB Cables. It also supports the newly announced USB Power Delivery specs, enabling Type-C Cables to carry 100 Watts of Power, thus eradicating today’s annoying USB Power limitations.

The drawback to the Reversible Design is that it won’t be compatible with existing devices, due to the difference in Port Design. You can, however, use an Adapter (Which will soon hit the Market). It won’t be long before Type-C Reversible USB Cables, Adapters, etc will start hitting the Market. No more Fumbling!


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