Rumor: Windows 9 “Threshold” Preview releasing on September 30

We have been hearing quite a lot of rumors about Windows 9 recently: No Charms Bar, Return of The Start Menu, More focus on Desktop Users, Cortana, etc.

It was earlier rumored that Microsoft may release a Public Preview of Windows 9, which is the OS that is supposed to bring back Microsoft after the Windows 8 Flop, is going to release in the next two-three Months.

According to The Verge, the Public Preview of Windows 9 will release on September 30th, and will be available for everyone to Download. It isn’t yet clear whether Cortana for Desktop will first make an appearance in the Preview or in the Consumer Release or Not at all.

Like all pre-release Software, this Preview too is bound to have some Bugs, so don’t Install it on your Main PC, as it may be a Bit Unstable. We are hoping that Windows 9 will help Microsoft recover from Windows 8. What do you think? Windows 9 "Threshold" Preview


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