iPhone 6 Display

Rumor: The iPhone 6 faces Display Manufacturing Snag; May Hamper Availability

We have been seeing quite a bit of rumors about the iPhone 6 Lately, be it for its Sapphire Display, its Larger Screen, Thin Body, Etc . As Reuters reports, Apple had done a redesign of the Display, after its initial attempt at changing it didn’t work.

What Apple had done was that instead of following the Industry Norm of Two Layers of Backlight Films, Apple had instead only put in One Layer to make the Device even more thinner. This made the Display too dim, and so Apple had to redesign it, hampering Display Manufacturing.

Things are now smoothly rolling along again, but the iPhone 6 Unveiling is nearing and we fear that Apple will not be able to keep up with the demand, especially not after the time lost due to this Display Mishap.


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