Microsoft DeLorean Cloud Gaming

Microsoft unveils “DeLorean”: Fixing Cloud Gaming by Predicting your Next Move

Cloud Gaming is an interesting Prospect. It brings all the advantages of Cloud Computing to Gaming. For example, any device with a Strong Internet Connection can stream high-end Games with the Graphics Maxed-Out, as all the processing is done at the Server.

All new Hardware is added at the Server Point, so you, the user, doesn’t have to do anything.

But Cloud Gaming increasing latency, which makes the Game almost unplayable. Microsoft has unveiled “DeLorean”, which is a Project that aims to fix Cloud Gaming.

Essentially, what it does would be predicting your next Move and downloading the requisites before hand, making for a near lag-free Experience. It looks at the most common Player Moves and also learns your Moves to predict your Next Move.

Sometimes it stores a Series of Moves, so that you are getting a seam-less Experience no matter what you Press. It is so effective that it can shave off upto 250ms Latency.

Those who have tried it claim that it is pretty good, and barely shows any lag. This is great for Cloud Gaming, as fast Internet Connections and requirements for low-latency were about the only ones that were stopping it from expanding.  What do you think about DeLorean?


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