The NSA may be secretly helping make Tor more Secure

In an age where we are being spied upon by our own leaders; Our calls, Messages, Emails being Monitored, it is odd to find something that has the capability to circumvent this surveillance, to allow us to do things anonymously.

The TOR (The Onion Router) is an ambitious Project to circumvent the NSA’s spying, and as far as we know, it has worked so far. It keeps both drug lords and the general Public hidden away from the NSA, and many unsuccesful attempts have been made to crack it.

Ironically, even though the NSA sowed the seeds for the Project, it itself is now looking for ways to snoop upon TOR users. The concept of TOR is basically that your Data is hopped through thousands of users of the TOR Network before reaching the Server. and vice-versa. This Data is also encrypted, making it almost impossible to trace the data back to you.

While the Concept of TOR itself is Ingenious, the credit for its almost impenetrable Security is due in part to some  NSA Employees, who, according to Andrew Lewman (TOR Executive), supply the TOR Project with information about any bugs/vulnerabilities found.

There are plenty of people in both organizations who can anonymously leak data to us and say, maybe you should look ere, maybe you should fix this,” he says about NSA and GCHQ Employees to the BBC.

Well, this is an Interesting turn of events. When we are being snooped upon from everywhere, we need a way to be anonymous and Tor offers that. Some of our Snoopers are helping make the very Project Secure that their Agency is trying to Break.

What do you think about TOR getting more secure due to NSA Employees?




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