Apple iWatch $400 Price

Rumor: The Apple iWatch may carry an Apple Price Tag

Although new Wearables are hitting the Market every other day, they haven’t yet taken off in a big Way. Everyone is looking towards Apple to introduce the iWatch, as they expect it to revolutionize Wearables just like the iPhone did for Phones and the iPad did for Tablets.

However, both the iPhone and the iPad carry Premium Price Tags, and the iWatch too would be expensive, according to Recode’s Report.

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It may cost upto $400, which is pretty expensive considering that the Pebble costs $150 and the Galaxy Gear costs $300. The iWatch is rumored to have many groundbreaking Features, such as Great Battery Life, Great Design and Intuitive User Interface. Although the Pebble has great Battery Life, it skimps out on Design and the UI.

The iWatch is also rumored to make Wearables actually useful, as currently most Wearables just display Notifications from your Smartphone. Apple reportedly has discovered innovative use cases for a Wearables.

If the iWatch lives up to its Hype, we may see the Wearable Market to mature. The Wearable Market will triple this year, according to IDC. One the iWatch sets the Benchmarks, soon we may see competitors adapting the same models and soon we may witness actual competition, resulting in innovative Products.

We are hoping that the iWatch is all that the rumors claim it is, but $400 seems a bit expensive for such a Device. It may also be that $400 is just for the top-end Model and that the other Models are significantly cheaper. We have high hopes for the iWatch, which may be unveiled on Apple’s Event on September 9.


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