Google Glass App Reads Emotions

Google Glass gets even more Intrusive: It can now tell you how you Feel

Google Glass is probably the most privacy-infringing Device on the Planet, according to many, but it found a way to become even more intrusive with an App from Fraunhofer’s Institute.

Using this App, you can look at a Person and the App will provide you with an overlay giving you information about the Person’s Emotions, Gender, Age, etc, and it updates in Real Time.

The underlying technology is based on SHORE (Sophisticated High Speed Recognition), which uses a combination of facial expressions, traits, etc along with proprietary Algorithms coded in C++ to give you information about what the person is feeling and what is his/her Age.

All this data is crunched in real-time, and that may take a toll on Glass’ already weak Battery. However, the concept is no doubt futuristic, and may be a sign of things to come…



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