Rumor: Sony’s QX1 will bring Pro-Level Interchangeable Lenses to the realm of the Smartphone



When it comes to Smartphone Optics, Sony leads the pack, with its excellent Smartphone Camera Sensors and Lenses modelled after its equally excellent Camera Line. Sony had earlier unveiled the Sony QX10 and the QX100, which basically were Cameras that attached to and were controlled by your Smartphone.

They aimed to drastically improve the caliber of Pictures that can be taken from your Smartphone, and they succeeded. But the next generation of the QX Series will take it even further, and will bring in interchangeable Lenses to the Pack, according to a report by Sony Alpha Rumors.

The Sensor will be APS-C, which is the size that budget DSLRs have. It may have an inbuilt Flash too, which would be much better than the paltry LED Flashes of today’s Smartphones.

What’s interesting is that it won’t use any Proprietary Lens Mount will use the E-Mount, meaning that all lenses for the NEX Series of Mirrorless Cameras will be compatible.

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, it will be announced in Berlin this Week. Stay Tuned for any Official Announcement. It may be as pricey as $400 for just the Body, and $600 for one with a Lens. We are excited about the possibility of having DSLR-Size Sensors, Powerful Flashes and Pro-Grade Interchangeable Lenses in a Smartphone.

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