Microsoft Employee Leaks Windows 9 Logo on Chinese Microblogging Site

Windows 9 leak

Sina Weibo is often known as ‘China’s Twitter’. Although you may not have heard of it, it is a very popular Social Network in China. Seina Weibo is also the place were most leaks and rumors in the Technology World originate.

It seems that Sina Weibo can add another Feather to its Cap, as an Employee from Microsoft China has leaked the Logo of Windows 9 on the Microblogging Site.

Windows 9 is expected to fix the destruction left behind by the flop that was Windows 8, and then some. The Start Menu will Return and the power will be returned back to the Desktop ‘Power’ Users after it was taken away from them and given to the Touch ‘Casual’ Users. Cortana, the Voice Assistant introduced with Window Phone 8.1 will also be reportedly integrated into Windows 9.

Windows 9 will also go through a performance overhaul, and will be faster than any Windows before it.

It is rumored to be unveiled later this month, with a Preview Version following shortly afterwards. We are waiting eagerly to lay our mitts on Windows 9. What do you think will be introduced in Windows 9?


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