Samsung Gear VR: Smartphone for Virtual Reality

Samsung partners up with Oculus for Gear VR: Turns your Smartphone in to a VR Headset

Oculus is the one that kickstarted the Virtual Reality revolution with the Oculus Rift, which smashed through its Funding Goal on crowdfunding Site Kickstarter. It later got acquired by Facebook, and soon the likes of Sony’s Project Morpheus and Google’s Project Cardboard followed.

Confirming rumors, Samsung has officially announced the Gear VR, which is basically a Device that can transform the Smartphone in your Pocket into a Virtual Reality Headset. It was created in collaboration with Oculus, and uses your Smartphone as the Display for the Setup.

It is similar to Google Cardboard in that it uses your Smartphone Screen as the Display for the VR Setup. However, unlike Google Cardboard, which is essentially a few parts crudely mashed together, the Gear VR is an actual, complete Consumer Product.

Certain elements of the Oculus Rift, such as Head-Tracking, et all are not yet available on the Gear VR Headset. The Gear VR will be compatible only with the Galaxy Note 4.  Compatibility will probably be extended to the rest of Samsung Devices, as as happened with the Galaxy Gear which was initially only compatible with the Galaxy Note 3.

When the Phone is mounted into the Gear VR, a specialized UI Launches. Samsung has announced that a Virtual Reality Optimized version of Temple Run will be available at Launch. Fleeing Monkeys in Virtual Reality: Curious to see how it would be.

Details like Pricing or a possible Release Date haven’t been disclosed. The Gear VR looks exciting, and could provide a cheaper path to Virtual Reality. We are hoping that Samsung will open up compatibility with other Devices, but that is unlikey.

What do you think of Gear VR?


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