Sony QX1- Interchangeable Lenses on a Smartphone

Sony has announced the QX1: Brings the Magic of APS-C and Interchangeable Lenses to your Smartphone

Last year, Sony had introduced the QX100 and the QX10. These were external Cameras that strapped on to your Smartphone and used your Smartphone Screen as a Viewfinder. They dramatically improved your Smartphone’s Imaging Prowess, and this year, Sony is revamping everything with the QX1.

Sony QX1: Interchangeable Lenses on a Smartphone

The QX1 has a 20MP APS-C Sensor (Similar to the size of many Entry-Level DSLRs), but its Standout feature is Interchangeable Lenses. For long, Smartphones were limited with their fixed Lenses, then small cheap shitty lenses Came, and now the QX10, which allows you to use E-Mount Lenses, aka real Lenses with real potential. This means that you may use all lens compatible with the NEX Series of Mirrorless Cameras. Yes. Mirrorless Camera Lenses. With a DSLR Sensor. On a Smartphone.

Sony also introduced the QX30 (Costs $350), which gives you the benefits of 30X Optical Zoom.

Both communicate with your Smartphone via WiFi and can be paired using NFC.

The QX1 will cost around $400 for only the Body, and hundreds of dollars more for Lenses. Pricey, we know, but you are getting the power of a DSLR in your Smartphone. It will be a marked, nay, an unforgettable leap of quality with the QX1 and your Smartphone. It will appeal to only a niche, but it satiates the Photographer in us…


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