Microsoft Lumia Denim with Handsfree Cortana

Microsoft announces Lumia Denim, which adds Always-On Cortana, 4K Video, and More

At IFA 2014, Microsoft announced a modified variant of Windows Phone 8.1 exclusively for Lumia Devices, called “Lumia Denim”. It adds several features not found on Windows Phone 8.1.

While Windows Phone 8.1 introduces Cortana, the voice Assistant, in Lumia Denim it is taken one step ahead with the addition of always-on functionality, similar to the “Ok Google” feature in the Moto X.

This means that you can say “Hey Cortana” to get it to start listening, anywhere, anytime.

There is a new App called Lumia Camera, which takes shots faster and also has improved low-light Capturing Abilities. It also allows you to shoot 4K Video at 24fps, and allows you to pick a single frame (Of 8.3 MP Resolution) from the Video as a Picture.

It also has Dynamic Flash. The new App can take from 3 to upto 12 Pictures in the time it takes the Human Eye to blink.

The Lumia Camera App is only available on the Lumia 930, the Lumia Icon and the Lumia 1520.

VPN Support is built in, and mobile  Browsing also has been improved. Other than these, there are similar little changes and additions throughout the OS.

The Denim Update will ship with the Lumia 730, 830  and 735, and will be pushed to other Lumia Devices after testing.

What do you think of Microsoft’s Decision to keep Lumia Denim Features Exclusive?



2 thoughts on “Microsoft announces Lumia Denim, which adds Always-On Cortana, 4K Video, and More”

  1. I love the fact that Microsoft has decided to keep these feature Lumia exclusive. Otherwise, what would seperate Microsofts own devices from any other device? It’s great to see other manufacturers jumping onboard with their devices, but they can bring to the Windows Phone platform their own specialties. Microsoft would do well to keep their own enhancements exclusive to their own devices. I own the Icon and I can’t wait to receive this update! Fact in point, it’s this exact exclusive update that is keeping me with the Icon instead of upgrading to the newly released HTC One M8 for Windows!


    1. That’s a Great Point, and indeed Microsoft does need to separated its own devices from the rest of the flock. However, wouldn’t it alienate users of other Windows Phone Devices a bit, and maybe even persuade them to switch to another OS?


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