Toshiba Chromebook 2 Full-HD Model

Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 gets the Full HD Treatment

While in Mobile Devices, Full-HD Resolutions are common, in Laptops it is an entire other matter. Most Laptops offer 1366×768 Pixels Screen Resolution, which is woeful considering that most Smartphones nowadays sport a Full HD Resolution and screen quality deteriorates with an Increase in Size.

The Chromebooks are Laptops made only for Web-Browsing, and have a similarly streamlined OS. This allows them to be Fast Despite having low-end Specs, and this makes them extremely cheap.

Toshiba has announced the Chromebook 2, and while the entry Level Model sports a 1366×768 Resolution with an Intel Celeron Processor and 2GB of RAM, Toshiba also has a variant that has a Screen with glorious 1080p (1920×1080) Resolution and 4GB of RAM.

Both have 13.3 Inch IPS Screens, which means great Viewing Angles and accurate Color Reproduction. The new Chromebook 2 has also been slimmed down, and now weighs under 3 Pounds. Coming to the Storage, there an inbuilt 16GB SSD, with a complimentary 100GB of Google Drive for 2 Years. This is just Google’s Way of nudging you towards using the Cloud.

It can last upto 11 Hours with normal Usage.

The entry level Model costs $249, and the Full-HD Model (that you actually want) costs $329. If you ask us, the extra Resolution and the extra RAM and definitely worth splurging out for the $329 Model. It will be available from October.

We would advice you to hold out a bit on your next Purchase, as extremely low cost Windows 8 Devices are about to hit the market. Microsoft says these will cost below $300, and some below $200. We doubt the performance will be very good, but it is worth waiting.


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