Apple sells 10 Million iPhones in 3 Days

Apple announces the iPhone 6

Today is one of the most-hyped events in Apple History, with Apple introducing the iPhone 6, possibly the most-rumored Phone on the Planet. We have been seeing iPhone 6 Rumors even before the 5s Came, and the rumors never stopped.

Although Apple has loosened down on its tight-lipped demeanour, leading us to know a bit more about Apple’s Devices than Apple intended, but nevertheless we are excited about the iPhone 6.

At today’s event, Apple announced the iPhone 6. It has a completely revamped Design. Two new Models. A blazing fast new Processor. This is huge.

There are two new Models of the iPhone: The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 Inch Screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 Inch Screen, just like the rumors had predicted.

The Design has changed completely, with Black Curved Edges. The Power Buttons have been relocated to the side. It is thinner too, at 6.8 mm for the iPhone 6 and 7.1mm for the Plus .

It has a new type of Display, called “Retina HD”. The 4.7 Inch Version has a resolution of 1334 x 750 Pixels, while the bigger 5.5. Inch one has a more standard 1920×1080 Pixel Resolution.

The Screen has “ion-strengthened Glass”, IPS Liquid Crystal and has an ultra-thin Backlight.

The 6 Plus, like rumored has a different UI from the iPhone 6. Not, not the entire OS, but just how it works. For example, in some Apps, you can turn the iPhone 6 Plus to get a Two-Pane Interface, previously only found on the iPad.

The Home-Screen can go horizontal too, and get this: There are dedicated Copy-Paste Buttons on the Keyboard in the 6 Plus.

If you are worried that the increased side will hamper one-handed use, then Apple has made some UI Tweaks. If you double tap the Home Button, the entire UI slides down so that the top-part is within reach when you want it.

There are already 1.3 Million Apps optimized for the new Screens. And the Apps that don’t: Well they are simply scaled up.

Coming to the Chipset, both iPhones have an A8 Chipset. It is 64-Bit, like the A7 and has a 20nm Manufacturing Process, making it 13% thinner than the A7.  The CPU is 25% Faster, while the GPU is a whopping 50% Faster.

The M8 Co-Processor is also better now, and can distuinguish between cycling and runing, and can calculate distance and elevation. It even has a Barometer.

Nike+ already takes advantage of the new M8.

The Camera has also been improved. While the Resolution remains the same at 8MP, it has otherwise been improved upon it. It has True-Tone Flash, a F/2.2 Aperture and is 1.5 Microns in Size. It uses Phase-Detection Autofocus, which is twice as fast as the previous iPhone.

Improved Color Detection and improved Noise Handling are also there. Panoramas can now be upto 43MP. And the iPhone 6 finally gets Optical Image Stabilization, so less blurred shots and less shaky videos.

While it does 1080p Video at 30fps, like before, the slow-mo Video now goes at 240fps, which makes it MUCH better.

The Front Camera has improved Face Detection, Burst Photos, HDR Photos and more. This is the first time we are hearing of HDR on a Front Camera.


And iOS 8 has better features for Developers, such as a new 3D Engine that allows better access to the Chipset. Vain Glory is one of the first Games that uses Metal and is optimized for the new Chipset. And it looks gobsmackingly good.

There is improved LTE Compabitility (20 Bands) and the iPhone 6 has some nifty tricks to give you the best speeds possible. It also support Voice-Over-LTE.

It has WiFi ac, which is becoming pretty standard on today’s Smartphones. But what is interesting is the ability to call via WiFi. It has NFC, which is a first for an iPhone.

Coming to the Battery Life, while the iPhone 6 gives improvements of an hour or so, the 6 Plus benefits from the larger Battery and gives a couple of hours more.

The iPhone 6 costs $199 for 16GB with Contract. $299 for 64GB and $399 for 128GB . The 6 Plus costs a $100 more, at $299 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128B. You may also buy Apple’s new Leather and Silicon Cases to go with the new Phones

You can pre-order it from September 12 and it willl ship from September 19th..




What do you think of the iPhone 6? Do you want it?


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