Apple announces the Apple Watch

Apple announces the iWatch

Today, Apple had announced the iPhone 6, which by itself is a pretty impressive event, but Apple also has something more up its sleeve. It has redefined Smartphones, it has redefined Tablets and now it looks to revolutionize Wearables.

Yes, Apple has announced the Apple Watch.

It has a pretty good-looking Design and it looks Premium, however, instead of looking like traditional Watches, Apple has chosen to go Square.


There is a Crown on the Side, which enables you to zoom in when you turn it. If you press the Crown, you go back to the Home Screen.

Apple has given an Analog Element a Place in a Digital World.

The Watch Straps are interchangeable. Apple has made six different Watch Straps to suit your style. They look pretty neat and comfortable. Examples of Straps: Quilted Leather, Stainless Steel, etc.

The screen isn’t always-on. It turns on when you lift your Hand Up. On the Back, are some futuristic-looking Sensors to collect Collect Data like Blood Pressure when you wear it.

It has a Sapphire Glass display, so it is near-impossible to scratch it. But due to the nature of Sapphire Glass, it supposedly breaks more easily compared to Gorilla Glass. The screen can also judge the force by which you press upon it.

It even has a tiny speaker, though we suspect you are going to have a hard time listening to it.

It is Water-Resistant too. It supports Wireless Charging too. It has an awesome looking charger for it, called “MagSafe”.

And here comes the twist: Like the iPhone 6, the iWatch too comes in two different sizes. So if you have smaller hands, you can buy the smaller one. This is a clever Decision, are currently Smartwatches are not for everyone: Some are too big and some are too small.

The UI also is completely different from iOS, or any other Smartwatch OS for that matter. The Icons look like Circular Bubbles grouped together.

The OS uses the new Force-Detecting Screen intuitively. You can now force-touch to interact with the OS.

The Apple Watch is not a standalone device: It requires your iPhone. It doesn’t seem like the Watch is completely useless without the iPhone, as it seems that the Apple Watch can do some standalone functions.

It also has Siri, so you can bark commands at it. You can also customize Watchfaces.

The Photos you favorite will show up in the Apple Watch. You can also navigate using the built-in Maps App, which uses your iPhone’s GPS. What’s nifty is that the Watch vibrates in different ways to tell you which way to go.

There is a Button below the Crown which starts the Communications App when pressed.

As a Watch’s screen is small, Apple has something called Glances, which condenses down information to view easily on the Small Screen.

The Apple Watch can show information like Song Information, Weather Information, etc.

The Apple Watch vibrates upon Notifications.

What’s interesting is how you reply to a Message. The most innovative one is that the Watch itself analyzes the message and gives you possible replies to the message in the form of cards. You choose the Reply you want to send.

If the Watch can predict correctly, this could be a nifty feature. Else you can use Voice-Dictation.

Two Apple Watches can communicate with each other and you can send data about you, such as your Blood Pressure, and also sketches.

Yes, third-party Developers may make Apps. They may make Apps that just send out push-notifications, or may go more sophisticated using something called WatchKit.

Using WatchKit, Developers can make their Apps interactive, with actionable notifications and support for Glances.

Currently the Apple Watch has a couple of Apps, including Twitter, Pinterest, BMW, MLB and Honeywell.

There are Fitness-focused apps on the Apple Watch too. One is called Fitness and the other is called Workout. The Apple Watch tracks your data all day.

The Workout App can track data of your Workouts, such as Distance, Steps Taken, Calories burnt, etc.

The iWatch can also act as a Viewfinder for your iPhone Camera.

It is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S.

It starts at $349. It will be available from early 2015.The Apple Watch will also come in “Sport” and “Gold” Editions. The “Gold” Edition is made out of real 18 Carat Gold.




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