Microsoft buying Minecraft for 2 Billion

Report: Microsoft is buying Minecraft’s Creator, Mojang, and Notch may Leave

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft may be buying Mojang, the creator of gaming phenomenon Minecraft for more than 2 Billion Dollars.

The move comes as a surprise, as the game’s Creator, Markus “Notch” Peterson has often criticized Microsoft on several fronts. What’s more surprising is that Peterson himself approached Microsoft for a possible buyout, not Microsoft.

In another report by the Bloomberg, it is said that deal would close as soon as next week. In the same report, it is also mentioned that after Mojang gets acquired by Microsoft, Notch will leave of his own free will.

Incase you are not familiar with Minecraft, it is basically a Game of building. You collect Materials and build stuff and fight for your survival at night. The game has become extremely popular, and has been released on several Platforms.

We fear that Microsoft may significantly change Mojang and that the spirit of Minecraft will not be preserved.

What do you think will be the implications of Microsoft buying MOJANG?


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