Screenshots of Windows 9 Leak- Start Menu

Screenshots of Windows 9 leaks: Yes, the Start Menu is Back

Windows 8 was a big flop, and some critics even went as far as to say that it is the next Vista. It removed the Start Menu, it alienated its PC Users, focused on Touch and skimped out there also. In all manners, Windows 8 was incomplete.

Windows 8.1 came by to fix what Windows 8 destroyed, but a simple point increase could only do so much: Microsoft needed a new OS Update to fix Windows 8.

Windows 9 has been rumored to exist for quite some months now, and we may be seeing a Public Preview version of it soon. It will bring back the Start Menu, return the power to the PC Users and may also introduce Cortana.

German Sites ComputerBase and WinFuture have leaked screenshots of something that is supposedly Windows 9. It looks genuine, however nothing is confirmed till Microsoft itself announces Windows 9.

As expected, the Start Menu is back, and it has a Flat Design. There is also a switcher for switching between different Virtual Desktops, which is something that has been present in Linux for long.


For example, if your Desktop is cluttered and many Windows are open, you can just switch to another Desktop which does not have anything open.

There is also a Search Icon on the Taskbar. In some screenshots, Windows “Modern” Apps are seen running on the Desktop, which is something that has been requested by many.

A screenshot also provides a look into the new Notification Center, which will be present in the lower-right Corner.

These are just features for a very early build of Windows 9. As the full Consumer Version nears, we may see even more features. We are pretty excited about Windows 9. Are you too?


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