Qualcomm aims for sub-$100 Smartphones with its latest Chip: Snapdragon 210


With Smartphone Shipments slowing down in developed countries due to almost everybody owning a Smartphone, the next big push is happening in Developing Countries, where most people don’t own Smartphones.

Qualcomm has recognized this and has announced its latest Chip, the Snapdragon 210. It supports upto 150mbps LTE, and supports major LTE Bands.

With this Chipset, you can have upto a 1.1 Ghz Quad-Core Processor, a Adreno 304 GPU which can support 1080p Video Decoding, upto a 720p Screen and a 8MP Camera. You also get WiFi n, Bluetooth 4.0 and support for Quick Charge 2.0 Technology.

Looking at the specs, it doesn’t seem like much, but once you look at what you got with budget Smartphones just about a year or two ago, this seems a lot more appealing.

Qualcomm aims for the sub-$150 Market with this Chipset, and it is aimed at Developing Countries.

What do you think of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 210?


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