Misfit Flash $49 Fitness Tracker

Misfit announces the Flash: Fitness and Sleep tracking without a Screen at $49

While Smartwatches haven’t yet matured, fitness trackers are currently much better, actually offer a use case and are more mature.

But most Fitness Trackers cost over $100, and if that seems expensive to you, Misfit has something for you: The Flash. It is a fitness and sleep tracking device that will cost only $49, making it extremely affordable.

It tracks calories, steps taken etc, among other activities like Swimming and Cycling. It is water-resistant to upto 30m.

It doesn’t have a Screen, however. Instead of a Screen you see a dial of circular dots, which indicate how much of your Daily Goal you have ploughed through. You control it through a Companion App on iOS and Android.

You may buy it from next month from Target, Best Buy or Walmart. It is interesting to see low-price Fitness Trackers enter the Market.

Do you think we will see more such low-cost Devices in the Future? Is the absence of the Screen a Hindrance. Is a Fitness-Tracking Device actually useful for you?


One thought on “Misfit announces the Flash: Fitness and Sleep tracking without a Screen at $49”

  1. Wow! What an amazing band it is. I am totally pleased to use this fitness tracker. It has changed my life. After using this fitness tracker I am doing my daily exercises regularly in time. This tracker gives me reminder about my daily activities and fixed goal that I have scheduled on this tracker. It has made my life easy that act like a guide for mine. This is an awesome fitness tracker that really I expect.


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