Amazon leaks Kindle Voyage new Page Turning Tech

The next Kindle Leaks: The Amazon Voyage has an Innovative Way to Turn Pages

The Kindle has revolutionized the field of Books and has been the flag-bearer of the E-Reading Revolution. Sales of Physical Books are low and Brick and Mortar Stores are closing down due to the Kindle.

We saw the last big update to the Kindle in 2012, with the Paperwhite, which added Back-Lighting, a sharper screen with more Contrast and a faster Processor,

And now, as spotted by a German Blog, Amazon Germany has leaked the Kindle Voyage in a new listing. It would have a sharper 300ppi Screen, which may adjust brightness automatically.

It would also be thinner and lighter, at 8mm and 189gm.

With the Kindle Touch, Amazon translated into full-touch Readers, but many were unhappy about the new Page-Turning Mechanic which involved touching the Screen. With the Voyage, it seems Amazon has an alternative: You may turn Pages by pressing on the Bezel.

It will ship in WiFi and 3G Versions and will cost $245 for WiFi and $305 for the 3G Model, making it much more expensive than the current Paperwhite. It puts it into Tablet territory, and it is also priced $116 higher than the Google Nexus 7. It is expected to be announced on November 4th.

We are excited for the Voyage, but we are hoping that Amazon does not increase the Price.

What do you think of the possibility that the Voyage will be priced much higher than the Paperwhite? Will you Buy one?


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