Amazon announces Kindle Voyage: Pricier, Hardware Buttons

Amazon announces the Kindle Voyage: Sharper, Clickier and Pricier

Yesterday we had reported on a leak by Amazon Germany about Amazon’s next E-Reader, and it seems it was spot on, as Amazon has officially announced the Kindle Voyage.

The Kindle Voyage has a completely revamped design, and now looks more in line with the Kindle Fire Series of Tablets. From the Back, you would be forgiven if you mistake it for a Kindle Fire HDX Tablet.

It is much thinner at 7.8mm and weighs 180gm.

But on the front is an all new Glass Screen, which is a first for a Kindle. And for those who worry, Amazon has assured that the micro-etched Glass can keep off Glare as well as the Paperwhite, and some early hands-on reviews are supporting the same.

The Screen also gets a Resolution Boost, at 300ppi, which is the highest among the E-Readers and is as sharp as printed Text. This is as close as you will get to a digital Paper Experience.

There are Ambient Light Sensors too, meaning that the Kindle Voyage will automatically adjust the brightness depending on the surrounding light.

For those who missed Hardware Buttons, which went missing ever since the Kindle Touch was unveiled, Amazon has something for you: You can press on the Bezel to turn the Page, and you can also choose to have a subtle vibration when it detects your response. You may even customize the pressure you have to press by which the page will turn.

All this comes at a Price: $200, which is much more pricier than the Kindle Paperwhite, which is still available at $130. If you don’t wish to grab either, the basic Kindle is always there, and now it does away with Buttons and pops in a Touchscreen at $80.

What do you think of Amazon’s new E-Reader Lineup? Do you think the upgrades justify the increase in Price? Or are you just fine with your Paperwhite?





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