Vizio 4K TV- $999

Vizio announces its new P-Series TV: Bringing you 4K at only $999

Vizio is known for making cheap, but wonderful TV Sets, and while till now it was stuck on Full-HD, its latest P-Series TV has a 4K Resolution. While that is the top-of-the-line Resolution, Vizio has given it a shockingly low Price Tag: $999, which is cheaper than many Full-HD TVs.

$999 is for the 50 Inch One (We dunno if you will be able to spot the difference between Full-HD and 4K  at those sizes), and it goes upto $2499 for 70 Inches, which is still heck of a lot more cheaper than pretty much all other 4K TVs out there (Many cost over $10000).

Not only that, it also has Smart TV Features and LED Backlighting, so you are getting a lot of value for money.

Vizio’s lower Prices may help bring the 4K Experience into the hands of Many. It may finally popularize 4K and help it become the de-facto Standard, as the only factor currently limiting 4K from becoming more common.

What do you think of Vizio’s latest and greatest? Are you buying one? Do you think it will help 4K become more common?

What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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