The iPhone 6 Plus is Bendable, and Not in a Good Way

The next generation of iPhones have finally arrived, and they are the biggest change to the line since the original iPhone. Over a few Days (Three to be exact), Apple has sold an impressive number of units, 10 million to be exact.

But some iPhone 6 Plus users are reporting a warping of the body of the iPhone 6 Plus, especially when it is kept in tight pockets. The problem is widespread enough to get a trending hashtag: #BendGate.

To put these reports to the test, Unbox Therapy did a Video on it, testing whether the iPhone 6 Plus really bends under pressure. The Guy in the Video had to apply quite a bit of pressure on it, but the iPhone 6 Plus ultimately bent.

It remained functional and there wasn’t any damage (As far as we know), but this is worrying. The root cause of this problem seems to be the size and thinness of the iPhone 6 Plus. Essentially, the Aluminium is being stretched out over a Wide Area and is thinner in size, thus weakening the already soft metal.

What do you think? We wager that you are no longer buying the iPhone 6 Plus.



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