Blackberry sells 200,000 Blackberry Passport in Days

Blackberry is Back: 200,000 Blackberry Passport Smartphoners Ordered within Days of Launch

Blackberry is a sinking ship and everybody knows it. After going through a round of layoffs and executive Shifts, Blackberry is ready to make a comeback, with a new Focus, one it has always been good at: Enterprise.

Instead of competing with the iPhone and other Android Smartphones in a fight it cannot win, Blackberry is aiming above, to build a Smartphone with robust Enterprise Features and Services Support.

The vision is embodied in Blackberry’s latest Smartphone, the Passport, which has an unusual Square Shaped Screen which is a bit awkward to hold, but can prove helpful for web-browsing and viewing Documents.

And it has payed off: Blackberry, in an earnings Call says that 200,000 Blackberry Passport Smartphones have been ordered within Days of Launch, and while that may seem puny compared to the iPhone 6’s 10 Million Orders within 3 Days, it still is a gasp of fresh air for the Company.

What do you think? Will Blackberry be able to make it? What do you think of the Passport’s unusual Form Factor?


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