LG WebOS Smartwatch Leak

LG lets slip that it is Developing a WebOS Smartwatch

WebOS seemed a fresh new take on a Mobile OS, and for a while, it looked like WebOS actually had a chance against the likes of iOS and Android.  But Palm’s Phones didn’t sell all that well, WebOS lacked a decent App Ecosystem and had a few bugs and ultimately WebOS came under HP as HP acquired Palm. After an unsuccesful Tablet, webOS Activity stalled, till it licensed WebOS to LG, which has been using it impressively on Smart TVs.

Now it seems like LG is working on a WebOS Smartwatch too, as was leaked by a LG Developer Page, as discovered by The Verge. The Page for Developers (Managed by LG) teased an upcoming SDK (Software Development Kit) for LG’s next Smartwatch, which will run WebOS (The Page has since been taken down).

LG WebOS Smartwatch Leak

LG WebOS Smartwatch Leak

We don’t know the specs or any other details. Currently, LG only makes Android Wear Smartwatches.

It will be interesting to see WebOS adapt to the small Screen of a Smartwatch. WebOS for TVs looked pretty slick and we hope LG manages to pull it off for Wearables too. What do you think of a WebOS Smartwatch?  Still love WebOS?


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