Report: Google is developing Displays that would join Together like Legos for a Seamless Picture

Google is a big fan of Modular Devices. It even is developing on Project Ara, which is a Project towards achieving the vision of a Modular Smartphone, one which could be continually and selectively Upgraded without actually shelling out for a new Smartphone.

It seems that Google is toiling on another Project in the Google X Labs, according to the Wall Street Journal. This Project is focused on Displays, more exactly Displays that join together like Lego, and display a Seamless Picture.

This Project is reportedly lead by Mary Jou Jepsen, who is the co-founder of the One Laptop per Child initiative and also was an MIT Professor.

The Seamless Part would be technically challenging. We don’t know any more details about this Project, but from what we know, we can say that it looks to be pretty interesting, and while on the surface, it seems like just a simple task, it actually is pretty challenging to join two displays and get a seamless Picture.

What do you think of Google’s latest Project? Till when do you think it will be ready for consumers?


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