Arduino is making a 3D Printer, and it is going to cost less than $1000

Arduino / Sharebot Materia 101

Arduino is the star of the DIY World, and an Arduino Board is an essential tool in every Maker’s Toolkit. Arduino has been a pioneer of the Open Source Movement, by open-sourcing not only the Software, but also the Hardware Schematics.

Arduino has helped popularize DIY, and has bought us a way to control Projects at a very cheap Price. It now hopes to do the same with 3D Printers, and has announced that it is making a 3D Printer in collaboration with Sharebot, which would cost less than $800 if you are willing to make it yourselves.

If you want a ready-made one, it will cost less than $1000, but where is the fun in that?

It is called the Materia 101 and is made with Beginners in mind, and so it would be pretty easy to use. It has a Printing Area of 5.5in by 4in. On the inside, powering it is an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller .

Going the Arduino way, it has open-sourced the Hardware and it means that you can modify and even make your own provided you have the technical know-how and the necessary Parts.

It will be available only through the Arduino Online Store.

A Release Date has not been announced, but this sure has our interest Piqued. If anyone can make 3D Printing more accessible and mainstream, it is Arduino.

What do you think of the Materia 101? Are you thinking of getting one?


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