Too Rich for an iPhone 6? Here, buy a $90,000 Protoype!

Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Is Going for $86,000 on Ebay

Apple makes great Phones, but they come at a Price. But for some of you, the iPhone 6 is just a drop in the bucket, and you are looking for something more special.

Well, an iPhone 6 Prototype has reached over $90,000 in bidding on eBay, so you can grab one, if you prefer unique things.

The owner of of this Prototype is currently Alex Cantor, who claims to have received this Phone due to a mistake by Verizon. It runs Factory Sofware. It also has a Red Lightning Port, and no FCC Filing Details on the Back.

Do you want to show that you are rich? What are you waiting for? Just buy the iPhone Prototype. Or just buy regular iPhones, like the rest of us. And if you really want to flaunt off your dough, you can even just buy a Vertu Phone, which actually is made from quality Materials, rather than being some early buggy Model of the iPhone.

What do you think? Do you think this is really an iPhone Prototype?


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