Are you REALLY concerned about your Privacy? Great, Blackphone is now making a Tablet

In the Post-NSA-Revelations Era, we are seeing an influx of new Privacy-focused Devices and Services, and a sharp rise in the use of such services.

Earlier, at MWC 2014, Silent Circle had announced the Blackphone, which ran a custom Version of Android to give your Data as anonymous as possible. Now, the co-founder of Silent Circle, Jon Callas has said that there will be a Tablet Version of the Blackphone soon.

We don’t know the specs. We don’t know the Price. But we know that it exists. However, we would like to point out that such Privacy-minded Devices do NOT give you full Privacy. Nothing is completely secure, and the NSA, with its resources and connections can always get access to your Data. However, the Blackphone does keep your Data out of reach of many.

What do you think? Are you enough of a Privacy Freak to warrant buying a Blackphone Tablet?


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