Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Tablet with Projector

What happens when Lenovo teams up with Ashton Kutcher? A Tablet that has a Projector comes out

Lenovo has Ashton Kutcher as its Product Engineer. As weird as that sounds, he has actually moved some stuff around Lenovo, to create a Tablet with a Projector inside.

It is the successor the the Yoga Tablet, which featured a unique design and excellent Battery Life, but not so excellent sales. Lenovo is hoping this one would fly off the shelves and is betting on its built in Pico Projector, which can Project a Screen of size of upto 50 Inches.

What use is a Projector if you can’t hear anything? Lenovo has got you covered, with not only two 1.5 Watt Speakers, but also with a 5 Watt Subwoofer, having all your frequencies covered.

The Tablet itself has a huge 13 Inch Screen with 2560×1440 Pixel Resolution.Underneath is an Intel Atom Processor, along ¬†with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of Storage (Expandable to upto 64GB via MicroSD Card).

It retains the same unique flexible Design, but now it can also be hanged on the Wall, like a Picture.

With the Screen, you get 15 Hours Battery Life, and with the Projector On, you get 3 Hours.

All that Projector goodness comes at a Price, with the Yoga 2 Tablet Pro starting from $499.

The concept of a portable Projector seems interesting, but we have a history of poorly executed Mobile Devices with Projectors. We are hoping the quality is good enough. We will see when it releases.

What about you? Do you think the Projector is a huge Plus for a Tablet?

What are your Thoughts? Speak your Mind!

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