Google Nexus 6- BIgger, Snapdragon 805

Google announces the Nexus 6

While rumors were abound about Google putting an end to the Nexus Line for the new Silver Initiative, Google has debunked those rumors and has announced an updated Nexus Line, which includes the Nexus 6, the Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player.

The Nexus 6 has a 6 Inch QHD (2560×1440) Screen. Underneath is a speedy Snapdragon 805 Processor along with  2GB of RAM and 32/64GB of Storage.

On the back is a 13MP Camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). On the front is a 2MP Camera

Coming to the Battery, there is a 3220mAh one inside, which can give you 6 Hours of usage after only 15 Minutes of Charging.

As the rumors predicted, the Nexus 6, on the outside, is just a sized up Moto X.

It will cost $650 (32GB) unlocked, which is quite a steep increase compared to the Nexus 5. Pre-Orders for the Nexus 6 will start soon. What do you think? Is it too big?


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